Cinque Terre- cinque seasons in one

Cinque Terre -cinque

Went from La Spezia to Cognilia on the train with a mild headache after the bacchanalia of the night before at La nuova Spezia.
Walked up the thousands of steps in the rain, and checked into our little room feeling a bit flat.
Decided to walk up and over to Manarola and see how we went. In 2011 landslides washed away the coastal track and some of the other tracks, so it’s a bit of a challenge getting information about how to walk and how far it is. Anyway, the hotel lady said it was about an hour an a half so we thought we’d give it a go.
We started climbing, it stopped raining. We kept climbing, the sun came out. We kept climbing, stripping off layers. We were soooo lucky!
It warmed up and the sun came out. It was just stunning. We climbed and climbed through vertical vineyards, olive groves and ancient walls (and on the way down through a bizarre electric 12 stations of the cross-lit at night, gloriously cheesy during the day.)
We had the same good fortune as we walked over to Vernazza the next day. Again a beautiful walk, topped of with pizza on the wall by the sea.
Train to monterosso del mar, a pretty commercial seaside town (we were looking for kiss me quick hats in italian) so decided to just carry on to our flat in Genova so we could gather our finances a bit. An Airbnb, so half the price of the seaside rooms and it has a kitchen so we can cook….and have some salad!!!!!







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