La Spezia, quite spezial after all

La spezia. Arrived on the train, in the rain. Dirty, grey, cold, uninspiring. Plan just to stay overnight on way to 5 Terre and walk from there, but weather report for continued rain. Asked girl in hotel if she had any recommendations for dinner.
We went to la nuova spezia. One table occupied in 3 rooms, it was 7.30, staff standing around near door…..not looking promising.
Kind of too late to turn around, we went in, hey it was close to the hotel and dry inside.
Then, people started coming in. Within ten minutes that place was heaving! The waiter decided we would have the seafood special entree (but couldn’t tell us what it was). It was amazing, that’s what it was!
Anchovies marinated in lemon, octopus, mussels, clams, Ligurian stuffed mussels, a fish cake, it just kept coming! Then we shared a gnocchi with seafood. OMG that gnocchi deserved an abbreviation!
Then after that feast, and a drop of vino, we were plied with the local special liqueur made from blueberries (we were people of interest as only non-locals and from Tasmania, of all places!!!)
We rolled back to the hotel, amazingly now a lot warmer and in love with La Spezia!


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