You say Genova, I say Genoa….or if only I could tell my left from my right.

Genoa part dirty port city, part cool grungy city, part seaside resort, part mountainous national parks.
Very vertical city- has funiculars and escalators up the hill, and in the fifteenth century there was competition to have the grandest palace.
The intercity dignitaries were desirable as houseguests so the competition was on. My palazzo is bigger than yours. Then behind the grand palazzos is a medieval tangle of tiny alleyways. An ability to tell my left from right would be helpful, we always seem to take the long cut!
We are staying in a tiny flat, up black marble steps worn away from the years of use, in a fifteenth century palazzo, off piazza del vigne, backing onto the street of perfect love!
There is an article about vico dell’amor perfetto and the story of thomasina “the true Romeo and Juliet” but it’s in Italian- note to self, google later.
When out after dark though, we have found we are in the red light district (I suppose perfect love comes in all different guises).
We have spent a couple of days wandering around admiring knit graffiti (of all things) and of course visiting churches aplenty. Lots of the churches (like in Parma) bombed in 1942 and 43. Due to our ignorance neither of us sure if that was by Germans or Allies, another question for prof google. My fave was the church that burnt down in 1400 something and to raise the dosh to rebuild it, they elevated the building and put shops underneath. I like it.
Today we took a one carriage train to Casella. About an hour climbing up from sea level to about 1000m through forests, where the cingale (wild boar) hide out. We arrived at Casella then pretty much walked straight up the hill out of town into the hills and the forest. We sort of followed a track and some vague signs, but it was an exercise in trust for me as I always think we are going to get lost and die in the woods!
Anyway, it was a beautiful hill walk through mossy groves, forest and fallen leaves (and we didn’t get lost or die!)
After a couple of hours, got back to the village as the cloud rolled in and it started to rain. We had time for a cappuccino – haven’t been able to shake the tourist habit of milky coffee after 10am. Then topped it off with a glass of red to warm our cockles for the ride down. Wonderful!











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