Cards on the train Seville to Caceres.

We got on and this older couple sat across the aisle from us. It’s a “local” train so we settled in for the 5 hour journey, by having an orange- they bloody are amazing from Seville. 
Then we continued the scorpa challenge, which I did win 100:94. 
The guy opposite was watching and so we invited him over. Manolo, left his wife Antonia to come and play. We tried to teach him scorpa and then he taught us rondo. 
This was all in Spanish and gestures/ English and gestures and laughing. Turned out manolo was 75 “but felt 15”. 
Then an American girl who is living in Spain teaching English came and joined us and interpreted. It certainly passed the time, especially when manolo started showing us rondo version 2, 3 each time more tricky and with a little bit more vindictiveness, which I do love in a game!

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