The rain in Spain falls mainly in Madrid

Madrid in the rain

Art galleries abound! (And unfortunately today, football “fans” what is it with European men in football shirts walking through the streets with cans of lager chanting??? Especially when they are chanting gay lord at the other team-what are they 5??)
Anyway, morons aside…
In madrid the art galleries charge entry ranging from 6-14 euros (quite pricey on the coffee index- how we work out relative expense or country.  This entry equivalent to 4/5-8/10 coffees) ImageImageImage
however, with a little queuing, they do have free time for the late living, low budget art lover. In our short time in Madrid we managed to capture the free sessions at the 3 biggies;
thyssen-bornemisza (huge collection including amongst others Picasso, lucien Freud-C’s fave, and Lichtenstein)
And free entry to Dali exhibit (7-9pm) largest collection so far apparently (we saw the big exhibition in aus, but still there were ones I’d never seen) but in 2 hours we only made it half way through.  
Prado 6-8pm lots of Goya and I actually saw some Heironymous Bosch. So wierd, surrealist in 16th century. Coz of colettes catholic origins and my tiger balm gardens (in Singapore diaramas of hell made a big impression on me!) experience if a child we both loved him. 
He does all these hell paintings-people being boiled and eaten and tiny devils brilliant. Especially loved the table of seven deadly sins, so while being gluttonous you do it knowing what is coming. 
Then we a huge free cubist exhib and virxilio vieitez a Spanish portrait photographer from 1950s to 70s. Photos of families and individuals from northern Spain villages. 
And……we both bought a pair of shoes. Couldn’t help it, well I “needed” some flip flops for after the camino and these beautiful red leather criss cross slip ons fit the bill. Gorgeous. 
C got some super funky leather plimsole sort of shoes. She’s been looking for ages and today finally got her funk on. I am slightly jealous of them, would have got a pair if she didnt. We seem to be morphing a bit due to limited clothing, walking shoes and cold weather again necessitating 2x black tops and black puffer jacket with jeans, it’s a tad similar! Eternal vigilance!!!?

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