Santiago here we come 25km to go!

We had a lovely rest day in ponte verde when we just did 10km and then met dad at the cathedral and decided to just chill out.
We all went for a beautiful (or so I thought) lunch, c and I wandered around the town, c even brought her camera and took a few pics. We had a wine in the plaza and spent time people watching then early to bed.
Woke a bit squiffy next day. On and off as we walked, but it was the best walking we had had in a few days. Agricultural suburbs, rivers, old bridges and woodland beautiful.
We came down into a town at 10km after we had powered past all the other peligrinos up a hill.
The owners of the cafe were standing there waving we went yay!! And ran down the hill. Coffee, toast. Yum!
Then it all went a bit wrong, felt v acidy and nauseous for next ten km. loosened waist belt, tried not to think about meatballs which I was pretty sure were the culprit.
C found hotel and checked us in, while I sat with bags. When we got to room I was sick a few times, drank gastrolyte, sick again then managed to sleep. C saved the day later with digestives and 7up.
In am I decided to ship bag, but thought I could walk 18km. Bit delusional as at about 3 km felt terrible, couldn’t tell c as she would panic, but yay! Cafe at 5 km. we ordered a cab and I have spent day sleeping. Feel I can walk into Santiago tomorrow yay, but still getting bag shipped!










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